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Bosch Coach Navigation PX-V (no monitor)

CODE: Bosch-PX-V-no-monitor

Price: £1,399.00

The new Coach Navigation system from Bosch Car Multimedia now makes it possible to calculate a route that is individually geared to the specific attributes of your vehicle. This avoids legal and physical limitations right from the start. Such individual vehicle attributes as height, width, length and weight can be entered before the journey begins and taken into account for the calculation of the route. As a result, complicated u-turns in front of low bridges or overpasses can be easily avoided. To calculate these routes, Coach Navigation uses the information stored in the map data and finds the best route to meet your needs.

The navigation DVD that comes with the system includes more than 5 million kilometres of streets and roads in 26 European countries. There are also more than 600,000 so-called points of interest. Coach Navigation in the fourth generation continues on with the tradition of recognized precision in the systems provided by Bosch Car Multimedia. Innovative, powerful processor techno-logy ensures the high-speed calculation of the routes. This new device is completely downward compatible, which means that it can be used to easily upgrade all types and classes of vehicles.

Operating voltage: 12 V
Operating temperature: -15 °C to +60 °C
Enclosure: black plastic
Dimensions (W x H x D): 179 x 51.3 x 210 mm
Weight: 1.1 kg
Installation angle: -5 to +15°
Standards: e1, CE, WEEE

General information
Traffic congestion avoidance: fully automatic, dynamic route guidance via RDS/TMC (important: suitable TMC source required)

Exact: route guidance using easy-to-understand symbols, an informative map and a pleasant-sounding voice

Point-of-view: route guidance is visualized in different screen views (simultaneous arrow/map, large map or arrow) and map views (due north, automatic, junction zoom), highway mode and lane display possible

Informative: all important information, such as distance to next vehicle manoeuvre, arrival time, distance and remaining driving time to destination, current time, GPS position, TMC status are always on display

Flexible: individual route after entry of vehicle-specific attributes, recommended route, fastest route, toll-free route, shortest route

Memorable: destination memory for the last 12 destinations, memory in chronological order, last destination is always at the top of the list

Locating: via gyroscope, speed signal and GPS

Upgradeable: different components can be connected at a later date (for dynamic navigation, steering wheel remote control, video etc.)

The service centers of many coach manufacturers are included as points of interest on the navigation DVD.

This unit replaces the EX-V and DX-V

NOTE: This is a Bosch product not Blaupunkt